How to develop a growth mindset in tennis

Has anyone ever told you that you are an extremely talented tennis player? If yes, how did being dubbed as super gifted make you feel? Did it boost your confidence so you were able to compete better at important tournaments?  Or did it trigger the kind of pressure...

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Last week, three of the most promising tennis players freaked out during their matches at the ATP Cup in Australia:Russian rising star Daniil Medvedev had a verbal confrontation with his opponent Diego Schwartzman before bashing the umpire's chair.  Alexander Zverev...

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How to set your 2020 goals as a tennis player

I once had a client who was the best under 12 year old tennis player in Europe. He then became the worlds #1 under 14, under 16 and under 18 and felt invincible. But when he started playing  smaller events on the ATP Tour, like satellite tournaments, futures,...

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How to mentally prepare for a tennis match

I have a client who can pinpoint at a tournament which players will do well, and which won’t.He will point to someone and tell me:This guy is going to have a great run.And that guy, he will struggle and break under pressure.How can he know?He observes what players do...

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