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Congratulations! You now have your hands on the Mental Agility Playbook- which includes 14 drills that will instantly turn you into a better player, win more matches and become more resilient.

What I really want for you is to experience your next big breakthrough as soon as possible, whether this means transitioning from junior or college tennis to becoming a professional, entering the top 100 or even top 10 of the ATP or WTA rankings for your first time, climbing your national rankings or beating a rival at your local club.

To help you achieve your next breakthrough as quickly as possible, I am offering you something very special today that is not available anywhere else.

I realize that as a tennis player you are already dedicating a lot of time into your career, and adding more things can feel overwhelming.

At the same time I have also seen first hand how quickly just a few minutes of mental agility training a day can impact your performance and your well-being.

In fact, when you become mentally more agile, you will find ways to train smarter- often meaning you’ll actually experience bigger improvements and better results despite spending less time on practice courts or in the gym.

I don’t want you to miss out on your dreams, or lose your passion along this journey- just because you don't seem to find a way to create routines that would grow your “mental muscles”,

That’s why I have created a very simple and fun challenge that will help you see how quickly you can build momentum and massively improve your Mental Agility.

In just 28 days you will see significant improvements in your ability to focus and stay engaged during matches, win more close matches and recover swiftly from unavoidable setbacks.

The 28 Day Mental Agility Challenge

Should you accept this challenge, you will get one email per day, for 28 straight days, with a different mental agility task.

In each email, there will be one invaluable lesson that will trigger fresh thinking and new insights, and one exercise to put it all into practice.
You won’t have to read pages and pages of theory and stories.

Instead, you will get ONE simple exercise you can do to work on your mental agility that day.

You’ll usually need no more than 10-20 minutes to complete your daily task.

I will explain the theory behind the exercise, guide you through it step by step and tell you how, when, and where to best put it to use.
Here is the exact plan:
Day 1|28: 6-Phase Meditation
Day 2|28: Bounce and Hit
Day 3|28: Double Thinking
Day 4|28: Wheel of Awareness
Day 5|28: Super Ego
Day 6|28: Miracle Morning
Day 7|28: 3 Layers of Desire
Day 8|28: The Joy of Pain
Day 9|28: Mental Warm-up
Day 10|28: 1% stronger
Day 11|28: The 10K rule
Day 12|28: Mid-Match Recovery
Day 13|28: HSLE
Day 14|28: Online Blocks
Day 15|28: Fear triggers
Day 16|28: Befriending Fear
Day 17|28: Growth Mindset
Day 18/28: Psychological Safety
Day 19|28: Character Muscles
Day 20|28: Timeless Goals
Day 21|28: Growing Optimism
Day 22|28: The Humility Gap
Day 23|28: Your Inner Monk
Day 24|28: Finding Flow
Day 25|28: The Performance Equation
Day 26|28: The 50:1 Rule
Day 27|28: Regular Off-Time
Day 28|28: Mental Agility
I could give you all of these in an e-book and then hope you make a plan and stick to it every day.

However, I want to make this as simple and easy as possible for you, so you know exactly what you need to do, and you won’t feel overwhelmed.

That is why daily emails are such an important part of your Mental Agility Challenge.

You get a gentle nudge (or strong kick in the butt, depending on how you want to perceive it) every day so that you stay on track.

Once you complete the 28-Day Challenge, you can pick and choose the most valuable challenges, like from a tasty buffet, and integrate them into your life.

At the end of the challenge, you will have multiple fresh insights that will ease your experience as a competitor athlete.

In addition you will have simple tools that can dramatically improve your performance.

Even if you pick just 2 of these strategies and apply them to your daily practice - you can truly transform your career.

You’ll have the mindset that helps you thrive in situations where your rivals crumble-and win more matches than you ever have.

Most importantly, you’ll thrive as a tennis player both on-and off the tennis court.
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A special treat - for the first few participants of the challenge

I really want to make sure these 28 days will make a significant impact on your tennis, on your mindset and on your wellbeing.

That’s why I want to give you my personal support.

So for the next month, as you go through the plan, you can send me as many emails as you like with questions about the plan or your mental agility training, and I’ll happily respond to all of them.
I’ll be your coach, cheer you on and hold you accountable.

I won’t be offering this kind of personal coaching forever, but as one of the founding members of the Mental Agility Challenge, I’m committed to supporting you as much as I can..

This way, you will add one mental agility tool to your toolbox every day and start seeing noticeable improvements and changes in your mindset, in no time.

And you’ll have me by your side, as your personal Mental Agility Coach!

Throughout the next 28 days, you will find quick fix tips and tricks, as well as exercises that will help you shift how you think.

Most importantly, you will gain valuable insights that will help not only turn you into a much better competitor, but also help you enjoy the ups and downs that naturally come with tennis.

So if you’re ready to make a leap, simply click the “add to order” button below - and I’ll send you the first day of your challenge shortly.!

I have no doubt you will absolutely love the 28-Day Challenge!

You will either see immediate results, compete better than you ever have under pressure and rediscover your passion for competitive tennis, or just send us an email within 30 days (yes you can go through the entire 28 days of the challenge and receive my personal support, and then get a full refund, with no questions asked).
Looking forward to being your Mental Agility Coach for the upcoming 28 days. 💪💪💪

See you inside!

-Allon Khakshouri

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